Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What do you mean you can't tell what my costume is?!? ♥♥♥

Ayeeeeee Pinkryders! What is everyone up to today? I hope something rad and wonderful has occurred in your life lately. So, the big topic right now is, of course, Halloween! Yeah yeah yeah, I know,the day before the night of trick-or-treating and parties (or, buying a bag of assorted candy from Walmart and calling it a day) is a little bit extreme, but better late than never, right? ;) I'm a rebel, ah yes, a rebel. ;) I planned for this post to have several different types of costumes/tips/makeovers, but alas, that is not going to happen. :'(
 I wanted to show ya'll the biker costume, the spy costume, the princess costume, and the typical Halloween gypsy costume, but I only had time to do the gypsy costume! Ok, so have you ever worked really hard to make a really awesome costume only to be questioned in the end about what exactly you were trying to be? (I'm raising my hand). Dude, have you not an imagination??? At least try to guess what I'm being! Yes, I actually hate when that happens. So, in the end, you go to the store and buy a pair of vampire teeth and pretend you're a vampire. Yep, it happens. ;) 
 So, what I'm doing in this post is putting together a gypsy costume! (No, people still couldn't figure out what I was trying to be, but it is what it is!) :) So, whether you're going to a Halloween party, trick-or-treating because you're just cool like that, or performing in an ensemble where you have to dress up, then here are some ideas and one full on costume!

What you'll need for this gypsy costume:

A purple dress
Brown boots
A colorful scarf
Sparkle makeup
Several bangles or one big cuff!

It looks easy enough, right?!? Yes, it is pretty simple and easy to do! So, the reason I said to go with a purple dress was definitely personal preference. I had some accessories that matched this color perfectly, so I went with the purple! You can also use light pink, dark blue, and maybe even white! These dresses below are from Target!

Xhilaration® Juniors Lace Shift Dress - Assorted Colors Xhilaration® Juniors Lace Open Back Dress - Assorted Colors

 I think any pretty normal, non-flashy colors would work pretty well. So, for makeup. You won't end up looking like Ke$ha when she was in her glitter phase, I promise. Really! All I used for this costume was a simple brush on glitter powder thing! It looks pretty rad in the end, if you ask me! :) Swipe glitter on your eyelids and across your cheek bones! If you wanna go all gypsy blog Tumbly famous, put tiny circles of glitter right under your eye! The first glitter eyeshadow is from ELF and was found on!!! The second is from Target!
  NP Set All That Glitters Gel Duo

 Bangles, cuffs, bracelets, oh my! 
I've gotta say, bracelets have got to be my favorite type of accessory! For this gypsy costume, I decided to add bangles! I used silver and black thin bangles that I got from a local jewelry shop! You can find bracelets like these almost anywhere-Target, Forever 21, even Walmart! When putting on this costume, only put bangles on one arm, that way it won't look like it's being overdone. Remember that I said only put them on one arm, I never said you could only put a few! ;) LOL! The first beautiful set of bangles is from Forever 21! The second is from Forever 21 as well! The third is from Target!

Set of multiple Mixed Plated Bangles - Multicolor

I would say that any boots could go with the flow when you're wearing this outfit, but personally, I've never seen a gypsy in cowboy boots. Just saying. So, what boots do work for this fantabulous costume? I've gotta say, the fringe boots that everybody's wearing were really tempting, but I had to stay true to the outfit. Anyway, plain brown or gray boots are the way to go.
They can literally be any length-knee high, ankle boots, thigh high-whatever floats your boot. I mean boat. You can get these boots at Target, Walmart, basically, anywhere! These mint boots below are from Target (the first one) and Payless! (All the other ones!)

Womens Glaze by Adi Buckle Accent Faux Suede Slouchy Boot  Womens Lower East SideWomen's Samantha Short Boot
Womens Lower East SideWomen's Samantha Short Boot  Womens BrashWomen's Tanner Lace-Up Boot

Scarfs-it never depends on the weather. 
It's the trademark thing the gypsy costume rocks. SCARFS! Now, if you're like me, you love sparkly and pretty scarfs. What other way is there, lol? Whether you plan to wrap a pretty scarf around your head or your waist-maybe even both!-it's gotta be eye catching! You can get amazing scarfs from pretty much any store, so it should be easy to find one! The first and second one below is the way I did the scarf trend! The first scarf is from Target! (The scarf in the first two pictures is from Penneys!) The second scarf is from LOFT! You can also get some pretty rad scarves from Etsy shops! 
Merona® Herringbone Print Scarf - Purple

Lights, hair, makeup!
The makeup scheme to this costume is actually pretty simple! Use color, color, and more color! Make sure to use bright, vibrant and neon colors! And, of course, glitter or shimmery always is a win! A few examples are like the pictures I've used below! (Alli Simpson and Madison Pettis!)


Never using a curling iron....NEVER! 
It's true my good people, I don't think I will ever use a curling iron to get my hair curly. I just won't. You may at first think while you get out your hot curling iron, "Wow! This is awesome! I'm so stoked to get my hair curled!" But then, little did you know that that "awesome" hot curling iron just burnt off half the hair on your head! It's a lovely thought, no? And that, my friends, is why the Pinkwriter will never use a hot curling iron. But...I need waves for the gypsy costume...Never fear, there ARE other ways to do that! So, the night before you go out in your awesome costume, just take a shower and braid 3 braids on each side of your hair. Make sure that each side is equally proportioned with hair so you don't end up looking like the blow dryer did its job wrong and literally..blew your hair up. Aiming for the gypsy, not the mad scientist costume, aye?  Anyway, let the braids dry overnight, and voila, your hair is wavy! It will end up looking sort of like this! These pictures are of  Alli Simpson's hair! conclusion, I am very late on doing a Halloween costume blog, and you've got a gypsy costume to make! It's pretty easy in the end-you've just got to get everything! What did ya'll think of all the accessories that I added to a simple costume? My favorite has got to be the bracelets. You can never have too many bracelets! ;) So, after tomorrow has gone by and you've gypsied yourself out, tell me! Comment below and let me know if you tried this costume out! It'd honestly be really rad if you did! What did you think of the makeup scheme I made up for this costume? I thought changing up the classic look would be pretty cool! Until next time!

No, my costume is not the Joker,

The Pinkwriter♥ Stay Gold.