Sunday, September 29, 2013

Selfie Captions ♥♥♥

'Ello PinkRyders! How are you doing today? Anything amazing happen to you lately? Well, I hope you are having a fantastically rad day. So, I'm writing about picture captions! You see them on Instagram, you see them on Facebook, you see them on Twitter, you see them everywhere. So...why is it so hard to find a caption when you're about to post a picture? #thestruggle I mean, dude, honestly, shout out to all the people with captions for every picture they post. (You know who I'm talking about. We all have a friend that is a master at captions, don't we? ;) So what I'm doing in this post is combining a trillion captions/quotes/lyrics that I've picked up over the years of being involved in social networking.  These captions are perfect for all different kinds of pictures and hopefully, you'll like them! So next time you decide to be cool and awesome and post a picture and a caption and you're wondering what the caption should be, you won't have to wonder, you can just check back to this awesome (is that conceited?) list! You'll probably recognize most of them, but what can I say? I have seen more than one person use the same caption. I'll leave you with that. ;)

• the worried reckless •

Always leads to you.

Let's take a trip to sunset boulevard. (Sunset Boulevard ~ Emblem 3)

and we'll keep fighting 'til the end. ♥

drive carefully in Beverly Hills. (Adds double pink heart thing emoji)

Be a simple kinda girl. 

Smile, it looks good on you. 

Let me show you what little girls are made of. Gunpowder and led. (Gunpowder & Led ~ Miranda Lambert)

Life is short, but sweet for certain. 

We were dancing like we're made of starlight. *Adds sparkle emoji* (Starlight ~ Taylor Swift) 

We were falling in love in the sweetheart of summer. (Cruise ~ Florida Georgia Line)

Yeah I know what you're thinking, that boy's got me tripping.

"You set the captives free." Isaiah 26:8 

We were a masterpiece until you tore it all up.  

fine china *Adds coffee emoji + pink heart emoji*

It was a, spur of the moment kind of thing. 

We're driving cadillacs in our dreams.

Blame it on the love bugs. 

 "He must become greater; I must become less." John 3:30 

Floral summer ❁ 

❁ Pray. Love. Forgive. ❁ 

Started with i then the l, o-v-e came over me and it ends with youuuu, this love story ends with you. (Ends With You ~ Cody Simpson)

Baby is it spring, or is it summer? The guitar sound, or the beat of the drummer? (Springsteen ~ Eric Church)

we were made to be courageous. (Courageous ~ Casting Crowns)

You*re the jam, baby I*m the toast. (Angel ~ Cody Simpson)

Everybody tells us that we are too young to love, but they don't know what it is like to be young, an us. (Love ~ Cody Simpson)

If you're gonna trip, fall in love with me. (Better Be Mine ~ Cody Simpson

Light light light of the sky, light of the sky shows me that you are with me. (Light Up The Sky ~ The Afters)

Life ain't always easy, but the simple things do please me, like the way the water always seems to flow. *Adds wave emoji 3 times!) (Children of the Ocean ~ Cody Simpson)

He said he'll meet me by the ocean.

Where music meets fashion, x. 

Don't  you know that if you were to walk, then I'd be there waiting? (Don't Cry Your Heart Out ~ Cody Simpson)

If you are where love is, I wanna go.♥ (Love ~ Cody Simpson)

Instead of counting sheep, I'll count the stars within your eyes. I wish that I could sleep, but those stars are way too bright. (Awake All Night ~ Cody Simpson)

You are the one that I think about all day. (You Da One ~ Cody Simpson)

Mi amore, you're the one I adore. *Adds double pink heart emoji*

'Cause you are my everything, and I can't live a day without your love. (Day Without Your Love ~ Jake Miller)

You're gonna hear me roar, (Roar ~ Katy Perry)

we found love in a hopeless place. (We Found Love ~ Rihanna)

Go where the people dance *Adds purple heart emoji)

All those kids with the pumped up kicks....(Pumped Up Kicks ~ Foster the People)

And you've gotta smile that could light up this whole town....:) (You Belong With Me ~ Taylor Swift)

♥My heart's a stereo, it beats for you so listen close.♥ (Stereo Hearts ~ Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine) 

Oh boy, open your eyes, a girl like me ain't waiting all night. (Adds green heart emoji, sparkle emoji, then pink double heart emoji)

They say there's no such thing as fairytales, but this seems to be. (Let You Go ~ Jake Miller)

So keep your head up high, gorgeous, people will kill to see you fall.

You're her whole world, kid.

almost tropics *Adds one palm tree emoji*

"People haven't always been there for me, but music has." ( ~ Taylor Swift)

A dreamer, that's what she was.

This is who I am, nobody said you had to like it.

Every little thing is going to be alright.

I would walk through the desert, I would walk down the aisle, I would swim all the oceans, just to see you smile. (Stand Up ~ One Direction)

Some kind of nature 

When we're together, we're cooler than everyone else. 

Sorry baby, we're busy touring the world. *Adds sparkle emoji)

Just close your eyes and believe. 

It's always darkest before the dawn. *Adds pink heart emoji)

Love is old, love is new, love is all, love is you. (Because ~ The Beatles)

I don't care how long it takes,  but I'm going somewhere beautiful. !♥♥

Compared to your eyes, nothing shines quite as bright. (Miserable At Best ~ Mayday Parade)

Even if your hands are shaking, and your faith is broken, even as your eyes are closing, do it with your heart wide open. ☀ (Say (What You Need To Say) ~ John Mayer)

It's a love story, baby. *adds gold hear emoji* (Love Story ~ Taylor Swift)

Let's throw a part in the sky and celebrate. (Elevate ~ BTR)

You promised you would never change. (You lied.)

You just gotta stay gold, baby. *Adds gold heart emoji*

Taxi cabs and busy streets that never bring you back to me... (Come Back ~ Taylor Swift)

Funny how a melody can sound like a memory. *Adds blue heart emoji and music note emoji* (Springsteen ~ Eric Church)

The spotlights will agree, I'm a show you've gotta see.

Made it in America.

Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad. (Call Me Maybe ~ Carly Rae Jepsen)

When it's all said and done, more is always said than done. 

I do this for my hometown.

Through the long nights, and the bright lights...(Be Alright ~ Justin Bieber)

Lights are brighter when you are near. *Adds sparkle emoji 3 times!* (Wish U Were Here ~ Cody Simpson)  

Underwater is a beautiful place. *Adds pink heart emoji* 

life is wonderful

Such a chill night #gottabethegoodlife

Time is love, gotta run...♥ *Adds running emoji)

Word on the street is that you're single, so baby have you heard my single? (Got Me Good ~ Cody Simpson)

Now let me tell you a story 'bout a boy and a girl.

Nothing to do, nowhere to be, a simple kind of free. (Perfectly Lonely ~ John Mayer)

Building castles in the sky...

Dudeee we out there *Adds peace sign!*

If you ask me how I'm doing, I'll say I'm doing just fine; I'll lie and say that you're not on my mind.

lights will guide you home.

Crazier, you make me crazier. *Adds pink heart emoji*

Such a chill night. xo

Hey, I heard you were the wild one.

But you're in London and I break down'cause it's not fair that you're not around... (Come Back ~ Taylor Swift)


Random people, sunshine faces. *Adds sun emoji and double pink heart emoji*

We can run down the street
With the stars in our eyes
We can tear down this town
In the dark of the night. *Adds sparkle emoji* (Unpredictable ~ 5 Seconds of Summer)

Some believe in destiny, some believe in fate, I believe happiness is something we create. *Adds sun emoji and purple heart emoji*

So? What did you think? I absolutely LOVE every single one of the captions I put on here! Did you recognize any of them? Like, 90% of them were song lyrics (a lot of them from Cody Simpson songs ;) and they're all just perfect lyrics. Have you used any of these captions before? I tried to find some unique, different, less used captions/lyrics/quotes, and from what I've seen, not that many people have used these too much. So, whether you decided to copy + paste these into your notes or e-mail is up to you, but aye, it's pretty helpful when you don't know what to caption your selfie or Insta pic! Will you use these? Have you used these? Tell me in the comment box! It's finally selfie Sunday-for real!

I didn't copy and paste a caption from a blog, wat are you talking about pschhhh,


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