Thursday, August 29, 2013

We Can't All Be Disney Princesses

Hey classy PinkRyders!!!!!!!  Don't you just LOVE Disney Princess hair and how it doesn't get knotted or anything even though they chase the colors of the wind and run down steps at midnight?
 (Remind me to loan Cinderella "the Dummies Guide to Remembering Your Shoes"!)
 I know I wrote a Summer/Spring hair guide, (it's called Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair! Go check it out!), but come on, not even I have tried to do many of those hairstyles because they're a little hard to master. And it's summer, so everyone without school has got to be oh-so busy, right? Uhhhh huh. ;) So this is another post with some cute summer hairstyles that don't look complicated, but they're still Pinterest worthy! This post includes waves, curls, braids, bun, and wanting to have the hair of a Disney Princess. Feel free to ignore the sarcasm and just enjoy..Oh, and look on Pinterest and YouTube for tutorials on how to do these hairstyles! 
(Haha, go check out Pinterest if you don't know what it is. But watch out-it's addicting!:)

Hair There

The first Pinterest-worthy hairdo is my all-time favorite style-wavy! There are several ways to make your hair wavy, and several to make your hair burn off. You can also use curlers. But, if you're like me, your hair's too straight to curl. You may want a certain kind of curl/wave, but you don't know how exactly to get that wave..Well, there are several wavy/curly views on hair and how to do it, so here they are. (Yes, I'm using some celebrities!) This kind of curly/wavy is just at the end. You can use curlers + hairspray, or you can use a curling iron! (The first picture is of Liz Mace!) (Second is Madison Pettis.) (Third and fourth are from Tumblr!)

"I don't wanna do this anymore" -thoughts while halfway done curling my hair #meganandliz #lizmace 
purple streak. 100 cute hairstyles

  If you want this kind of wave (I love this wave so much, but more on that later!), you'll have to use a hot curling iron. (If you have medium length to long hair!) For short hair, hair spray and curlers will work. (Believe me, hairspray and curlers will stay curled...even after you don't want curls!) You can go visit Taylor Swift to ask her how she keeps her hair curly/wavy. But I'm not so in the mood to go hit up a plane and fly to wherever she lives. And I'm not exactly a V.I.P. So..what?  You can find some instructions on how to use them, without risking setting your house on fire, on Google so I suggest you do that. Now, I am afraid of curling irons because I like my hair and I'm not into risking it by playing with electricity, but, oh, well. (First picture is Madison Pettis, and the 3 others are from Pinterest!)

 Bows bows bows   .

There's also the free-wave that I so like to use. All you have to do to get this wave is get your hair wet, then braid your hair in many different places! Split your hair up, then braid about 4-5 braids on each side! Make sure you have the same amount of hair on each side or else you'll end up looking like...well, I don't know how to describe it. *Sighs* The way Alli Simpson has her hair is exactly how I do my hair a lot! Also, the 3rd picture (that I found on Pinterest) is basically a PERFECT example of what these curls look like when I try them out on my hair!

so cute! i wish

Commonly known as braid, dude. 

 I see simple looking braids on the sides or backs of people's heads all the time, and it looks really cute, and it's easy! You can wear a braid AFTER you curl your hair, too, or just leave it straight like a rock star. :) The braid can be placed anywhere on your head! If you're really busy, but you really want to try to be a princess, you can also just wear a braided headband! Or, like Kendall Jenner in the picture, you can take small strands of hair and braid tiny braids into your hair! I really like this style! The second picture was found on Pinterest! 


I don't know about you (I'm not feeling 22, if that's what you're asking, but I do love that song!), but I absolutely LOVE how the Fishtail braid looks! Yeah yeah, it looks complicated, I know. I've found that it's actually sort of complicated, but it's really cute, and with a few tries, it gets easier, so why not do it? I love how Kendall Jenner's hair style is messy and complicated. I love how Liz Mace's hair is sleek looking but still fun! I looked on YouTube and Pinterest for some ideas on how to do it, but I have yet to actually experiment with it! Wish me luck! ;)

 Fishtail braids are the best <3 #summer #lizmace #meganandliz #style #fashion #trends #hair #beauty

Messy buns, muahaha. 

Next stop, buns! This little section is from my other blog, Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your hair, but I HAD to write it again because it's a must do! (No pun intended. OK, maybe a little!) Alli Simpson is in the first pic, and her messy bun looks perfect! Kylie Jenner's bun is what I've been striving for. *Sighs*
"And then there is always the summer bun everybody loves. Admit it, at least once in a summer you make yourself put a bun on your head because you're sick of the waves you keep! :) Here is a bun that will stay in place, look really cute, and make you look like you are a mad-hairstylist because it looks so hard to make! I promise, the beach walkers will be impressed! (Youtube/Pinterest. Again!)" 
I love the messy bun Alli Simpson styled her hair in! Also, Kylie Jenner's bun is a perf mix between a sock bun and a messy bun! (Have I ever tried to do that? YEP! Have I won? Stop asking me stupid questions. ;)  The third picture is from Pinterest, and I would like to just take a moment of silence because that it is not humanly possible for anyone to do that because it looks amazing!  The third added a took a theatre step and added jazz hands, and it looks so cute! 

headband braid bun combo..super cute.  !

  So these styles look pretty classy, right? To tell the truth, I've never completely mastered any of these hairstyles. When I try a messy bun, I get accused of stepping through a tornado. Yeah, not the awesome feedback I'd expected. ;) Curled waves? You're kidding me, right? Oh, how I long to use a hot iron curler...not going to happen...:) Now the braids I can deal with, they just usually end up being taken out by the end of the afternoon because...well, braids get annoying, I think. Fishtails? HA. HA. HA. Never again will I try that, nope. Ok, I tried it yesterday, and it didn't turn out too bad, but it definitely wasn't like Liz Mace's fishtail. So, did you try any of these styles? Did you like them? Tell me what y'all think! :)

Until I get Disney Princess hair,


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