Saturday, July 27, 2013


Hey PinkRyders!!!!!!! Guess who JUST let out a second album? YES, IT WAS CODY SIMPSON! Indeed, he is my favorite singer! If you haven't read my older blogs, Cody is the best singer out there! If you have, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart that somehow, you still want to read my blogs after ranting about this Aussie superstar so much! (I've been a fan since 4 days after he posted his first video ever...Be grateful that I've only ranted about him as much as I have. ;) SO....THE ALBUM! I STARTED FREAKING OUT WHEN I LISTENED TO IT THE FIRST TIME! (It's the fangirl way, naturally.) Anyway, Cody's new album is called Surfers Paradise, named after his home back in Gold Coast, Australia. This album is chill, fresh, relaxing, then upbeat and dance-worthy! Every single song on the album is amazing, absolutely amazing! You can download the regular album on iTunes here:, OR, you can stop by your local Target and get the deluxe version! The tracks on this rad album are:

1. La Da De

2. Pretty Brown Eyes (the song that Cody is most known for!)

3. No Ceiling

4. Sinkin' In

5. Summertime Of Our Lives

6. Imma Be Cool ft. Asher Roth

7. If You Left Him For Me

8. Love ft. Ziggy Marley

The Deluxe version that you can get at Target includes all of the songs above, PLUS:

9. Better Be Mine

10. Children Of The Ocean

11. Rainy Day

12. Awake All Night

Each and every one of these songs are masterpieces. :) If you need any further persuasion to get this album, just check it out on iTunes and I promise you'll love it! Here are some of my favorite lyrics/lines from some of the songs on this sick album:

"Wherever you are, no matter how far,
I promise that I won't give up on ya.
They say out of sight, means out of mind
But they couldn't be further from the truth
Cause I'm in love with you
I'm still in love with you." - Summertime Of Our Lives by Cody Simpson

"The thing about love, love, love, it'll make you do some crazy things." - Love by Cody Simpson ft. Ziggy Marley

"If you wanna trip, fall in love with me." - Better Be Mine by Cody Simpson

"La da dee da
La dee doo,
when you're gone I'll think of you." - La Da Dee by Cody Simpson

"So I deal with negativity all day
but I ain’t gon’ let it rub me the wrong way
to each his own, and I walk away with a smile." Imma Be Cool by Cody Simpson ft. Asher Roth

"Instead of counting sheep,
 I'll count the stars within your eyes. 
I wish that I could sleep, but those stars are way too bright." - Awake All Night by Cody Simpson

"I see there ain't no ceiling 
on the way that you got me feeling 
and every night we're in the moonlight dreaming 
that we could go all the way 
this love could reach the sky." - No Ceiling by Cody Simpson

"This storm could be so beautiful
These clouds could be sunshine
If this heart of mine was yours
And yours was mine
This rainy day would be just fine
This rainy day would be just fine." - Rainy Day by Cody Simpson

"The children of the ocean
Got their positive emotion
Take me to the place I wanna go
Life ain't always easy
But the simple things do please me
Like the way the water always seems to flow." - Children Of The Ocean by Cody Simpson

AND...those are just SOME of the many lyrics I love from Surfers Paradise. I really think everyone should check out this album, you won't regret it!!!! :) 

Until I stop fangirling,

The Pinkwriter♥ Stay Gold