Tuesday, October 23, 2012

♥ Costumes, Candy, Halloween, Oh My! ♥

Hey PinkRyders! Good morning, good afternoon, good evening to all of my viewers! I haven't posted in fffffoooooorrrrreeeevvveeerrrr, and I'm sorry for that! Well, anyway, it's finally fall!!! Emphasis on "finally!" Have y'all tried out any of the styles I wrote about in my last few blogs? I haven't (we're still wearing shorts over here, #sorrynotsorry)! It's an 80 degrees sorta fall where I am...I haven't had any ideas about what to post because I already covered Fall style, but since Halloween, the only day of the year where there's an actual reason to look insane-hah-is coming up, I had to write something! So, whether you're going to a Halloween party, trick-or-treating because you're just cool like that, or performing in an ensemble where you have to dress up, then here are some ideas...


So...What are going to go as?  A Zombie, (best costume ever), a princess, (just call me "Your Majesty), a character from Disney, (no comment), a witch, (with a killer dress to fit), or you're going to have one of those "I like this dress, those shoes, and that bracelet. I'll just say I'm________" kind of costumes, than you have to look good while dressing up as no one at least, right? SO...

Zombie costume: (tights were harmed in the making of this costume)! Lace patterned tights that you have cut up, black combat boots, a shortish black dress (without sleeves),  a 3/4 length spy-style jacket. If you want, you can paint splatter the jacket. Black fingerless gloves, (you can cut up more tights to make fingerless gloves!) Tuille to tie around your head and make a bow at the top. Sort of like a head band. Target is where this is from!

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Racerback Dress - Assorted Colors

Witch costume: A black dress, you can get one at Target, a tiny witch hat that you can glue to a headband, (you can get one at a craft store or Walmart). Oh, and big witch hats are sooooo awkward. Chunky ankle boots with studs, red tights. You can wear fingerless gloves as well, but they should be red to match the tights. You can get this killer (pun intended) outfit from Target!

Xhilaration® Juniors Lace Dress - Assorted Colors Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Kian Heeled Buckle Boot

Princess costume: A pink shiny dress. For instance, I used an old bridesmaid dress. It should be made out of satin material. Silver flats or silver heels, a tiara. (Well of course)! Tuille to use as a wrap. Oh, and if you want to jazz the costume up a bit, buy some vampire teeth. All are from Target!

Xhilaration® Juniors Strapless Pleated Chiffon Dress - Assorted Colors Women's De Blossom Autumn Chiffon Sandal - Assorted Colors

Evil princess costume: A black dress (any will work), pink heels or high heels with a bow, a tiara, pink tuille to use as a wrap, black finger-less gloves, and tights. 

Costume Makeup Station:

Zombie makeup: white face powder (noooo *says sarcastically* as I look a a pale zombie. Not even the Cullens' can get that pale). *ATTENTION*, Twilight fan right here, just stating a fact.You'll also need green eyeshadow, (I promise you won't look like the Joker by the end of this makeover. That reminds me, I need to master that makeover), light pink lipstick, eyeliner, white glittery eyeshadow, and fake eyelashes, (optional. I don't think that dead people go walk over to Walmart and pick up fake eyelashes). I promise, after you do this, you'll look dead gorgeous. No pun intended. Yes, okay, it is intended. You probably know how to apply this costume makeup, so I'm not going to start writing an instruction manual. ;)

Witch makeup: Black eyeshadow (or light gray), red nail polish or black nail polish, liquid eyeliner (to use for your eyes and to draw a design next to your eye), red lipstick (if you're going to look ridiculous, at least look as ridiculous as you can get!) ;) black pencil eyeliner, and white glittery eyeshadow for around your eyes, but not on your eyelid. 

Princess costume makeup: Light pink, shiny lipstick or lip gloss, fake eyelashes, pink insane blush, glittery white eyeshadow for under and around your eyes, NOT on eyelid. Eyeshadow that matches your dress for your eyelid. You can wear black eyeliner, but you may not want to put on a lot. (Unless you're going as an evil princess!) 

Evil princess makeup: Fake eyelashes, gray and purple eyeshadow for eyelid, but don't put in at the base of your eyelashes. White glittery cream eyeshadow. Put this eyeshadow at the base of your eyelid first, then apply the gray eyeshadow. Light red or insane pink lipstick, pencil black eyeliner, apply it and make a design. (You have to at least look sorta evil. While looking at a princess....)


Zombie hairstyle: First, brush out your hair and slide the bow thing onto your head and position it like a headband. Tie the bow. Tease your hair so it sticks out on all sides, or you can blow-dry your hair.

Witch hairstyle: You can wear a bun on top of your head with your bangs hanging on each side of your face, then use the witch hat headband.

Princess hairstyle: Use a curling iron to curl your hair. AFTER you curl your hair, spray glitter onto your hair and place the tiara on your head. Don't put it into your hair like a headband.

Evil princess hairstyle: First, you may want to flatten your hair. Comb your hair out and, put it into a very high pony tail without putting it smack on top of your head. 

SOOOOOOO...What do y'all think of these costumes? My favorite is the witch costume. So, some of those makeup tips were Nicki Minaj worthy, right? She should be proud!;) You have probably seen those hairstyles everywhere, but you didn't know how to do them. (Thank you Google!) My favorite hairstyle is the zombie one, of course! ;) Which was your fave? Comment below! If you're even dressing up for Halloween, I salute you my friend. I'm just usually like, "I'm a princess, my tiara's just invisible LOL." If you plan to do the same, I don't blame you, but dressing up for Halloween and walking around the house eating candy is fun, aye? If you're going to a Halloween party, YOU'VE GOTTA DO ONE OF THESE COSTUMES! And hey, why not mix and match some of these costumes, huh? 

Until I master the Joker's makeup scheme,

The Pinkwriter♥ Stay Gold.