Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dear Fall, Come Quicker or Don't Come at All-I'm fine with that too!

Hey hey hey hey hey classy PinkRyders! Sorry that I didn't post the fall fashion blog I promised sooner! If you think you got rid of my like that, than sorry, I'm back again!!! :) It was summer, after all, and I did not spend time with the dining room wall. (If you've read "Summer, come at me bro," my post, then that will make sense. If you haven't, then I suggest reading it before you read this!) And I don't really know why I called it, "Summer, come at me bro," if Summer is a girl's name...whoops. ;) So I had a good summer-Rebel Summer, mind you. Yes, I did follow my Rebel Summer guidelines. I wore Alli Simpson inspired collared shirts, and Pastry brand kicks. And I painted my nails silver! LOL So, like I promised, this is the fall fashion post! Not only will this fall bring you Nicki Minaj or Jessie J worthy pants, it will also bring you clothing that wouldn't make it in any other year other than 2012 and beyond! This blog  already sounds like a prizewinner, doesn't it? Well, classy people, enjoy!

Let's go to the 70's: First fall style, floral skinny jeans/leggings. No, I am not crazy. If you've looked in the paper or in Teen Vogue, you'll see that they're trying to push these floral disasters. OK, they aren't disasters at all! They can look extremely great, you just have to wear them with the right thing! (No, J.Crew is not a catalog to be inspired by with these pants.;) You can find these pretty cheap at stores like Target, (this may be the only store that is close by you, the other stores aren't statewide!), Delias, and H&M! Who knows, you may find some at Goodwill! (If you just wrinkled your nose, then go read my blog, "It's not hard being a Rhinestone in a Diamond World") Believe me,  I love these jeans, yet I have not gotten them yet because alas, I have a shoe obsession. Does everyone know the story of the girl with extra money in the shoe section at the store? ;)

Time to Hit Up the Shoe Section, baby!!! Shoes shoes shoes, my favorite topic! Studded shoes, Brogue style shoes, metallic flats ARE BACK!!!! YES! :) classy Oxfords, oh yes. You've seen what these shoes look like, but like me, you have no idea what they are called until you see them. It happens to EVERYONE! If you're a rebel like me, than you will appreciate these shoes, after you look at them for a while. It's true, you'll have to admire them for a while until you see that you like them. Now, these shoes are a little expensive, so you may want to look for them at like, Target or something, instead of just going and getting them if you like them. You can get them at and maybe even Forever 21! I promise, you WILL find Brogue style shoes, or studded shoes, or any of these mentioned shoes somewhere. And yes, the Oxford shoes are the kind of shoes that Taylor Swift wears! And no, you will not be asked if you're trying to copy her or something.

So boots, yeah? Well, good thing you asked because I LOVE boots! Now, I'm not exactly sure what type of boots are going to be in this fall, but here is what all of the sites are putting up! I think moccasins are so sick, I want them so badly! I think heavy, but cute boots are going to be in, Uggs are always there for you, (ugh) ;) and those suede boots are always there in your closet, because they will always be there, even if not a lot of people are wearing them! Oh yes, I'd suggest buying some cute cowboy boots-which can be found most places. These are from Target! I always get my boots in dark brown, so that they go with everything.
Women's Mossimo® Kasey Boot - Assorted Colors  

I like Denim, you like denim? So, after the boots, we have jeans! So..other than normal jeans, what else? Neon, neon, neon! We already went 70's with the floral print skinny jeans, so we need an even bigger pop! So, you can wear anything, (well, except the same color as the jeans. But hey, more power to you if you want to look like a cool person!), with these jeans. Anything, and most likely, you won't look ridiculous! That's really comforting, right? :) Also, we're sooo getting back jean jackets! Fake ripped or painted, they're gonna be back. Well, I'll be wearing one along with a few hundred more girls! You can get decorated jean jackets at Urban Outfitters and American Eagle! This jean jacket is the one that Alli Simpson has!
Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Skinny Denim - Assorted Colors Xhilaration® Juniors Metallic Skinny Denim - Gold

LACE, PEOPLE! I love, love, love lace! Ya'll know I do if you read my stuff. are you suppose to wear lace without looking like an old woman or a 1940's tea party goer? Excuse me?!? Let's stop at stores that don't take place in the 40's and find some really pretty and classy lace shirts! Stuff like the second pink will be in my closet..... (Most of these are from Abercrombie!) The last one is from Delias!
Long Sleeve Lace Mesh Top FULL TILT Lace Pocket Womens Top Lace Back Tie Long-Sleeve Tee

And other shirts...
Fake denim shirts, mesh shirts, graphic shirts, (ok, so there are certain types of graphic shirts that are going to come in with this fall, so these shirts are basically what they're going to look like), and other shirts. I can't be more descriptive.  All of these are from, & Forever 21! (I'll tell you where each one is from though!) The first (3) are from!!!

GoJane.comfloral accent chambray shirt 
button-up top  Forever 21: Ok, this may not look attractive, but it's really cute. Yes, that doesn't make sense, you are correct. ;)
I don't know what this kind of shirt is called, but I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE this shirt! The next one is sort of similar to this one, but with a bow!

Until I'm not the main character in the story of the girl with the extra money in the shoe section,

 The Pinkwriter♥ Stay Gold.