Monday, July 23, 2012

You're So Sweet

Hey lovely PinkRyders! What's up? Did anyone watch the Teen Choice Awards yesterday? I did! I LOVED a ton of the dresses I saw the celebs wearing, and my next post will be about the Teen Choice Awards outfits, and the Kids Choice Awards outfit! (Yes, the KCA's were a while ago, I am aware of that, but it's better to be late than never!) But, that's not what I'm writing about today! I've seen tons of cute imessages on Tumblr or whatever, and they were oh-so cute, that I had to post them! Oh, and by the way, YA'LL are so sweet!  I've gotten many views from you guys sharing my blog, and I love you guys! If you've seen these, than you are too awesome to imagine. If you haven't, I'll see you to that status. Thanks a lot, and now we shall take a stroll down corny way...just kidding...well...ok, whatever!

*Dude* "I love you."
*Girl* "If you really loved me, you'd tell the whole world."
*Dude whispers to girl* "I love you"
*Girl* "Why'd you whisper it to me?"
*Dude* "You are my world."

Yes, that is insanely cute, admit it!

*Girl* "Why are you always following me?"
*Guy* "When I was little, my mom always told me to follow my dreams."

Or it would be called stalking, but this imessage is lovely. :)

*Dude* "How can I say "I love you"?"
*Girl* "Just say it! Practice with me!"
*Dude*" Okay. I love you."
*Girl* "Great! Now go tell her!"
*Dude* "I just did."

*Guy* "Can I tell you a secret?"
*Girl* "Sure."
*Guy*" I love you."
*Girl* "Hey, can I tell you a secret?"
*Guy* "Of course."
*Girl* "I've always loved you,"

Wow, they sound serious and honest. ;)

*Girl* "How was your day?"
*Dude* "It sucked."
*Girl* Aw, why?" ;('
*Dude* "I didn't see you."

*Guy* "Hey, why don't you have a boyfriend?"
*Girl* "I'm not allowed to. Why don't you have a girlfriend?"
*Guy* "'Cause you're not allowed to have a boyfriend."

Yes, that one above ↑ was absolutely perfect. :)♥

*Guy* "I'm probably the last person you want to talk to..but, hi."
*Girl* "No, you're the only one I want to listen to."

These people don't make sense. So, she doesn't want to talk to him, but she wants to listen to it. Sounds legit.

                *Girl* I don't know, I'm not sure that he likes me. ;&
                *Other side* Nah, he doesn't like you, he loves you.
                 *Girl* WHAT? How do you know?
                 *Crush* Have you looked at who you're texting?

Oh the dangers of imessaging....

*Guy* We live so far away!
*Girl* I'm sorry, you JUST realized that?
*Guy* No, I realize it every few minutes.
*Girl* Oh. And?
*Guy* And whenever I realize it is when I want to hug you.

*Girl* From 1 to 10, how much do you like me?
*Guy* 8. Turn that sideways.
*Girl* Love.*

*Guy* I love you!
*Girl* ILoveYouToo
*Guy* There something wrong with your spacebar?
*Girl* No, there's just no space for me to love anyone else. :)

Yes, there are only a few of these that I've caught, but they are insanely adorable. Yes, some are corny and stupid, but they're cute! Tell me that you wouldn't want one of these with a straight face on and I will delete this post. Yeah, I thought so. Oh, guess what? I'm going to write a 2012 Fall Style post!!!! Yes, I have discovered popular fall style already! I can't wait either, haha.:)

Until someone shows up with a straight face and tells me they wouldn't want an imessage like one of these,

 The Pinkwriter♥ Stay Gold.