Monday, July 16, 2012

Style is Forever....Duh! ;)

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, my wonderful PinkRyders! Here is another fashion post, once again. Know who Alli Simpson is? You don't? Too bad. Finally, I shall show you who Alli Simpson is! I know I've referred to her a lot on recent blogs, so, now, because you didn't use Google, I will post how to get her style!!! Anyway, once to twice a month, I'll pick a celebrity and make a style guide on how and where you can their style! Sound good? Yes, I know it does! (But if you're hoping for Nicki Minaj or Neon Hitch, you may want to go to craft store!) You've probably never heard of most of the stores I've found because they're online and usually from like Cali or something. But hey, that's why they make free shipping! :)

The first thing we'll go over is her makeup. She's known for her classy and creative style, and people wonder what kind of cool stuff she uses. Well, these probably aren't the exact kind of eye pencil or lip gloss, but, you know.  For this style, she uses a lot of blush. Any kind that will look good on your skin tone works. Well, that was a stupid statement. I can't really tell if she uses lipstick or anything to make her lips that exact color, but she uses a clear gloss (saw it on it out!) and sometimes, glitter. Though she doesn't have glitter on this time. In this pic she's wearing fake eyelashes, and liquid eyeliner at the base, I think. A little bit of scattered liner on the bottom, too. She only used some cream blue eye shadow on the side of her eyelid, which I found was really clever! I love this look! Anyway, I felt like I should suggest her makeup her. Sometimes, when she goes to movie premiers, different makeup artists do her makeup, so she doesn't always look the same, so don't ask yourself why your makeup job looks different.


In this pic, Alli's hair is natrually wavy! She paired a regular pair of jean shorts (you can get jean shorts at Target!) and a striped sweater that you can find at Forever 21! (It might be in a different color, like red! Also, it might saw from Heritage 1981-it's basically Forever 21!) Forever 21 actually carries smaller clothing! For the red shoes, those are sperry shoes! They can be pretty expensive, depending on what you want, but it's worth it! This necklace she's wearing is an anchor, in honor of her nautical style. Also, it's just a thing that I've seen these classy Australians doing! You can make your own necklace with an anchor or you can get a cheaper one from Forever 21! (Forever 21 is a heaven on Earth.:) Oh yeah, and if you're wondering what the hand sign she's doing is, is the #GCF (Gold Coast's Finest) sign. The (awesome) Simpsons used to live in Gold Coast of Australia, and them and their friends used to do these signs. Now it's a worldwide trend!

Next outfit! I've FINALLY found where you can get sequined shorts like this! At, you'll find them if you look through the shorts for a while! The tank top is one of my favorites of all-I tried to make it too!!! And..I'm still searching for the actual shirt's store! Sorry, will come though! That cross necklace? You can go to and you'l find some more cross necklaces that will fit! (You'll also find some other chill accessories and clothes at !!!) The cuff she has on? Forever 21 sells the same cuffs for $5.00!
fashion inspiration - alli simpson

Next awesome style-hoodie! I just thought I should mention this awesome hoodie. :) You can either make it with felt letters and a plain hoodie, or you can go to to get a pink #SWAGGE hoodie.  Add a black bow to your hair and your own sunglasses! For the ring, you can go back to or you can get to Forever 21 and look for it-it's there! They look really good. Is that correct English? Yeah, let's just continue....
Alli Simpson GCF- gold coast finest 

Next outfit! Another anchor necklace! You can find some legit anchor necklaces at Forever 21 or !!! I'm not sure if that is a vest or a scarf, but I'll take it as a scarf! So, you can find a sequined scarf at Claires or even at Lilly! Black tank tops can be found at Target, too, and sunglasses, well, they're sunglasses.

Next-nexty-next!!! So everyone absolutely LOVES the American flag sweater Alli wears in the "Wish U Were Here" re-make of her brother's video (she does stuff like this only Allinators will get that!), and people were wondering where she got this lovely sweater...well, it was at , of course! Here is the link; sometimes people can't find it online because it's tucked in there, haha. :)

Next outfit!!! Here she is, at the "Let it Shine" premier! First, you can get a white shirt like this at Forever 21 or if you really look for them!!! They both have white shirts! You can find a small blazer like this at Forever 21! You can get a black ribbon anywhere, and those earrings can be found at Forever 21. They might be in a different color, though! :)
Cody Simpson, Alli Simpson And Cher Lloyd On The Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown

Next outfittttt!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so this doesn't show her whole outfit, but it's a really cute pink and white romper! Next to her is her chill bro, Cody Simpson, BTW. You can probably find a romper almost exactly like hers at Target or Walmart, on their sites! Her hair is natrually wavy, so if you don't have wavy hair (sad me), use a curling iron. I am afraid of curling irons. I want to try out wavy hair. Therefore I will have to try out a curling iron. Yeeeewww!

The last outfit! (I'll post more to this later!) Alli at the Hunger Games premiere. Anyway, she wore these awesome shorts/skirt from Forever 21, of course! (Notice how Forever 21 has absolutely everything?) This shirt, can be found at Target and yep, you guessed it-Forever 21, in small sizes too! (That's especially what I like about Forever 21!)  These double feather earrings can also be found at Forever 21. (I have ones in pink!)

Until I get Alli Simpson's style, all of Forever 21's clothing, and the ability to not be afraid or curling irons,

 The Pinkwriter♥ Stay Gold.