Sunday, July 8, 2012

Don't Worry Be-! Ok, Just Don't Worry!

Hello my lovely PinkRyders! Really, don't worry about little things that piss you off...but more on that later... Do anything exciting lately? No? Well, guess what I did!?! Yeah, OK, everything I've done...but anyway, ever heard the song "Ours" by Taylor Swift? I absolutely LOVE this song! But the tune is not just why I love it, it's the lyrics. So let me tell you the story of my just wonderful decorating skills, and then I'll tell you what happened with the lyrics.. Recently, I've sort of plastered my room walls with pictures, posters, and other things. It looks just lovely. No really, it does. Anyway, I had WAY too many posters in there, so I took some down and put more pictures up. But I want more than posters and what should I put up? My room theme is..well, it doesn't have a theme. A Country-Hollywood-Parisian thing maybe? The walls are pink, the string lights are blue, celebrities are on the wall, my designs are on there too, I have a few actual things from Paris, whatever, my room's a messed up wonderland. A pretty messed up wonderland that any girl would like, but wonderland. SO, now that I've really gone off topic, I found something ELSE to put on my wall, and here's what I started doing. In the song "Ours" the lyrics are really great! My favorite (A.K.A everyone's favorite part of the song) is "So don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine."  I like the last part better, like really liked the last part, so I HAD to put it up on my wall. "People throw rocks at things that shine." Ah. Just love it. I'm not into coloring (have I mentioned that I'm not exactly an artist when it comes to drawing stuff? OH, I can draw the complex stuff like designs for models and cakes and stuff but if I had to draw a bird or something to save my, not happening. :) So, instead of testing my simple drawing skills, I headed straight to the paint chips and scissors. (Aw! You guessed it! I really had no color scheme for this!) So I made the words out of paint chips, so what?

The first you'll need is paint chips. The big ones that are samples of Better Homes and Gardens (I never got the name, it's sort of insulting...JK!) paints, or the long ones that show you different colors; they look pretty legit too. If you have a color scheme, you are so totally really awesome, but, if you're in the situation I was in yesterday (If you know me usually, I have everything I need at anytime. Yesterday...not so much.) you're gonna have to roll with the flow and use mis-matched colored chips. (These look really cool for if you look around people's desks or somewhere, you'll find a few different colored paint chips. They may not  match, but, whatever, you know.) I used cloud blue, summer pink, lemonade yellow, a few colors of green, and a few more! (Not my pictures, but more on that later!)

So I used colors like this...

 (This isn't my!)

So these 4 colors above in the pink are basically the exact ones I used! Also, if you want, go find a glitter-glue pen and you can glitter-it-up after you cut out the words! Ok, so I have just found out that the pictures of my crafts/fashion does not show up on each blog I post! Any idea why this is happening? Can you comment below if you have a solution? :) So while I'm mourning over my pictures not showing up, I cut up paint chips to write "people throw rocks at things that shine." (So don't you worry your pretty little mind!" But I didn't bother cutting those letter shapes. Remember, limited wall space! Sigh, one day I'll have to go find my digital cam and take a picture of my walls for you..

Sometime soon, I'll find my camera and take a picture of my finished work, but while I'm at it, I love this version too! (Never will fit on my wall...just kidding!) I know this is short but I'll try to keep posting either every day or every other day, and especially on weekends! Remember you guys are way too extremely awesome!:)

Until people stop throwing rocks at those who are successful,

  The Pinkwriter♥ Stay Gold.