Friday, June 29, 2012

Bow Ties ARE Cool♥

I'm back, I'm back, my classy people! And guesssssss what? It's summer! (Rebel Summer, may I correct?) So I just made a shirt a rebel would wear. (Not the motorcycle type of rebel....) The other day, I was going through my clothes, looking for anything Alli Simpson would wear. I found a satin type, 70s style,  shiny, capped sleeved blouse. Sounds lovely, huh? But it CAN be Alli Simpson material. (Don't know her? One word: Google.) So, I figured I can make this thing beautiful. The shirt actually was pretty in the first place, but, come on, who am I kidding? But I thought I could make it beautiful. LOL, I was right.  So I cut it up and ended up with a tank top version of this lovely shirt. It looked pretty nice, but it seemed boring. (Don't get me wrong-I repeat: shiny, blue, and satin!) But it was still boring! So I was thinking: what can I do to make this oh-so exciting? People, I have an idea! Bow ties! Nah, I'm not talking about the real Tumblr bow ties that only people with half a million followers can pull off, I'm talking about bow ties made of scarves! (Don't call me insane. My reality is just different from yours! I know my style!)  So, here's how to make my insane scarf bow ties outfit! 
 This is basically the kind of scarf you'll need if you decide to wear my masterpiece. Let's keep going, shall we? (Remember to color cordinate. Or, you know, you can walk in somewhere being the rainbow from that sausage commercial. There is a rainbow, right?)

Then, if you don't already have a tank top with a collar, (like mine. My awesome one, I mean?); go make one from a collared capped-sleeved! (Just cut the cap sleeves off and make sure the shirt has a collar! I think I mentioned the collar enough! This is what the shirt should look like (it can be in any color!) after you cut the sleeves, if you don't already have a shirt like this):

So, for the bow tie part!!! (Again, bow ties are cool!) If this scarf is long enough, double it by folding one end to the other. (It probably has to be long enough to be the kind of bow tie I'm making!) So, to wear it, you can either set it under the collar, or around it, but it looks best under the collar. And  then, well, tie it. YES, yes, yes, I know, too simple, but I thought that I should write this and put it out there because, well, if I say so myself, this is a pretty cool idea and not too trendy while trying to be trendy. Yeah, it makes sense. It looks really cute, too. It may not look exactly like a bow tie,but more like a bow tie-ish scarf, but it will take you on the path to have the nerve to actually wear a real bow tie!

Do You Like the Scarf Bowties?It may look like this depending on the length and the way you tie it! Or,

Until bow ties are so cool that people won't dare wear a regular tie anymore, except for the people with half a million followers and then I'll have to start the "regular" tie trend back up, *gasps for air*,

 The Pinkwriter♥ Stay gold.