Wednesday, May 23, 2012

♥Summer, Come at Me Bro♥

Summer is FINALLY here! School's going to be out, it's all good....until you find yourself waking up at 10:30 asking what to do (it will be approximately August 5th when you ask this). Whether you plan to go to the beach for 2 months of summer, post how wonderful life is on Facebook, secretly plan the wedding you'll have in who knows when (shhh!) on Pinterest, or sleep all day, you'll find yourself sitting on a chair staring at the oh-so beautiful wall of your dining room at some point. So, I mean, what exactly are we suppose to do on the "beautiful dining room wall" days, huh? Here is something to do (believe me, when you have a semi-perfect one, it will be September), so those dining room walls will be lonely:

Make an Indian style shirt! Ok, you're so thinking "lame." Now you're like, "wait, what are these again?" And now you're thinking "Aren't those from like the 70's or something"  Excuse me? LOL, no. These summer Indian shirts are too cute and easy to make! So here's how to make one : find a plain t-shirt. First, either stretch out the neck or take a pair of scissors and cut the edging of the neckline off. 

After you have successfully (okay, maybe not successfully), cut the neck line off, snip the fat part of the sleeve off on each side.(At the bottom of the sleeve, not the whole sleeve!) When you have finished partially killing the shirt, start on the bottom. Putting a newspaper in the shirt to seperate the bottom and top of the shirt, take a pair of scissors and start cutting at least 2 inches up in the middle. Going left or right, keep cutting 2-3 inch strips. When you have cut the front, do the same to the back. Take the strip and twist it. Add a few pony beads (the fat ones you find at summer camp), and tie at the end.  

 Okay, you can now thank me. It's cute, yes, I know.  So in the end, you will either end up with a shirt that looks like a criss-cross pie, or an ridiculously cute shirt! In the end, if you did it correctly, expect it to look something like this:  

Until you have no whole t-shirts anymore,


  the Pinkwriter♥