Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Not Hard Being a Rhinestone in a Diamond World

Ever heard that quote without the "not" part before?  Okay, so let's alter this saying into the fashion language: "Everyone around me wears such expensive, designer clothes, and I'm the one shopping at -----! This seems  so embarrassing!" Ahem, everyone around you looks like they have such expensive, designer clothes. True, they may be designer, but who said they were expensive? So the only thing you can think of that will allow you not to seem so different  is to get designer clothes that their prices make you cry. Or, you know, you can move out of the state...but that probably isn't an option. :) So what I'm talking about here is that some people do indeed go out and spend tons of dough on clothing, (hello real house-wives of wherever),  but what do you think they do AFTER they are tired of their designer clothes? The most likely conclusion is that they give them to a thrift store. Yeah, I said THRIFT STORE. When I just wrote thrift store did you just think, "vintage stuff? Excuuuuse me?" If you did, well, you obviously have not been inside a thrift store. Who said thrift stores were vintage in the first place anyway? Sure you may find one or two long, silver sequin long patterned 70s dresses, but not everything can be that, um, awesome. A good place to shop for cute clothing is Goodwill. (Sigh, you sighed?) Yep, Goodwill. Guess what? I go there almost every Monday and come back with about 10 (usually)  pieces of designer dresses or shirts or skirts for about, $20-$23. (You just scoffed and snorted.) I'm not lying. Just two weeks ago I came back with TWO pink and white, tags-still-on Target dresses ($5.00 for both), a cute, some designer white short sweater, (2.50, new), a blue and white patterned skirt, ($4.00), a mesh net pink shirt, (4.00), a UK patterned shirt ($2.50 or something, new), and a designer suede strap tote, ($7.00). You think people notice that your clothing is from a thrift store? Do you go around specifically demanding where someone has purchased their clothing? I don't, for one.  As for the purses? Okay, you're thinking about the knock-off purses they sell for $200+? Yeah, no. If you go to a thrift store, and go to the purse hanging racks, you'll see TONS of DESIGNER purses for around $7.00.  Prada, Vera Bradley, I already splurged on some I don't need because I had left-over money. Left-over money, yeah! After getting designer clothes! AND, people won't know you didn't spend $.... on that Saks skirt, only you will, and that's enough. You'll stand out, yet be in.  'Cause baby, it ain't hard being a rhinestone in diamond world, 'cause the rhinestones, they shine the most.

Until people specifically ask you where you got that dress,

 The Pinkwriter♥ Stay Gold.