Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Called Style, Baby.

And a good morning, evening, afternoon to you, Pinkryder! 
So maybe Spring just sprung, but before you know it, summer will shine! (Okay, really lame season introduction. :) But you know what this means: new summer clothes! Oh, and a new style, and new trends, and ugh, new everything. I know how it is when you have absolutely no idea what will be in this season, so I'm going to give ya'll a little heads up! You know what I've realized? That every 2-3 years, the styles become the same over and over again. Think on that. Because I'm right. ;) So here is just a little list of this year's summer line for teens!

Neon: Yes, neon. It may be the spring, but I've seen neon pink and lime green shirts lots of places. Neon is really fun and stylish, but you may go all Nicki-Minaj on it, so find small pieces of a really out-there color, or a calmer (calm neon?:) colored shirt or shorts. Now, neon pink or purple skinny jeans, now that's another story. If you pair them with a white tank top or blouse, (white is a must! Black is a bit toned downed and fall-y), and nude or silver or gold flats, that would be totally cute. For around $20.00, you can find lots of colors of skinny jeans at Target!

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Skinny Denim - Assorted Colors    Miu Miu Metallic Banana Flats - Photo

Lace: lace can be really cute as long as you don't overload it or pair it with unwanted items. You may see catalogs (hello J.Crew,) that have lace skirts paired with blazers or hoodies or, but come on, would you really wear that? So, here are a few ways to lace it up. (But not Grandma style. :) A lace skirt is rebellious, but totally cute, if you pair it with the right accessories. If you're going for Southern cute, don't be shy, pair it with chestnut cowboy boots, and a blue-green spaghetti strap tank! Instantly classy southern! For Spring, use light colors, like white and pink. For a classier more dignified look, pair a white lace skirt with a black quarter sleeved shirt and tuck it in. Finish the outfit with black flats. (For this outfit, you can really use any color matching flats and tee.) Lace dresses, you ask? It can be a yes, but, be catious where and how you wear it, you don't want to look like an 1800 tea party goer.. A social event that's outside is a do. Church, well, sure. Forever 21, Penny's, even Walmart sells varying styles of lace skirts.


There are these shirts that look like fitted tees with like, open roping at the neck, (think again,) and they are adorable! Find a pink/coral one, pair it with white shorts, add a wide brown belt, finish with gold sandals, and baby, I think you just got classy! Find it at Target, they sell reasonably priced! (Sandals by Merona at Target.)

Xhilaration® Juniors Short Sleeve Top - Assorted Colors       

Every year, there is this one shirt that never goes out of style, and that shirt is a Guy Harvey shirt; (you know, the one with fish or whatnot on the back?)  They won't make you look like some fish girl or anything. These shirts goes with absolutely everything, jeans, jean shorts, pants, casual C9 shorts, (to come,) anything.  Shoes, any. Belles Florida for other cute shirts like this one. :)


These are the ever-famous C9 shorts everybody in hot states wear.  They go with any type of shirt, they won't make you look like you run all the time and you're oh-so athletic, and they are cute for most casual occasions.

C9 by Champion® Girls Woven Running Short    See?

Depending on how rebellious and stylish you are, these will catch your eye and be in your closet in no time. They're a bit vintage looking, but totally cute and flower print is the new black. (Don't go and flashback to the 70's, they were all flowery I've been told.) So yeah, be rebellious. They go with flats usually, and they can be paired with fitted tees, flowy peasant shirts, and tank tops.

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Denim Shorts - Assorted Colors   

And there is ALWAYS room for a good Oxford shirt. Any color is cute with a pair of tie white shorts! Determined, yet cute! AND, it never goes out of style! (Yay!)

Tell me what YOU think of this Spring Style Guide, and tell my what kind of fashion YOU think I should add!

Until style is overrated (oh please, never!)


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